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The Naughty & Nice Cocktail

Ginger martini is a simple cocktail that features the spicy flavor of a ginger liqueur and refreshing notes of lemon. We prefer the use of Domaine de Canton for this recipe because the liqueur is made with Asian baby ginger, French cognac, Provencal honey, Tahitian vanilla, and orange blossom.


30 Fun Facts

Have a drink 😉 It’s Friday night, and you’re feeling alright. Vodka seems like a great choice to start the evening, especially after the week you’ve had. But there’s a whole lot more to vodka than being a colorless, odorless, nearly flavorless liquor. Here are 27 spirited facts we know about our spritely friend.


The Truth Behind How Vodka is Made

In our last post, we gave you some fun vodka facts to help you understand more of its history. We know a Polish document is the first time vodka was recorded. The Slavic word for water was voda to the Russians, and woda to the Polish.