We are Adam.

Adam Vodka is handcrafted in America, for friends by friends. You may not have heard of us, but the truth is we’ve been here all along.

Our stories, much like the land, water, and lava rocks used to craft our vodka have stood the test of time. Though both may transform through the ages, they keep us connected to each other around the world. Pour it over ice, sip it, and savor — we think it tastes great by itself, but we’ll let you decide. Here’s to you, friend, wherever you are in the world.

Share vodka, and while you’re at it, share life too.

Cheers #WeAreAdam

Our story is just beginning.

Before instant messaging ruined our posture, we drew on cave walls and signaled to each other from across the savannah to warn of danger. Humankind has been on a wild ride since then, and while language has developed through the centuries, it serves the same purposes it did so many years ago: communicating, storytelling, surviving.

Around 9,000 B.C., someone had the bright idea to make fermented drinks for pleasure. It certainly wasn’t an instant process, but it did bring people together. That is the heart of the Adam brand, that everything in life is more fun with others. Collaboration breeds cultivation. Our distillers in Bend, Oregon serve up an American vodka with its own story and flavor, while our corn-mashers of Minnesota produce a distinct mouthfeel. Wherever you are in the world, Adam wants to create opportunities for people to connect the old-fashioned way: over a drink with friends.

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