Corn, care, and collaboration.

A corn-made spirit so smooth it’s meant to be sipped. Crafted with a non-GMO yellow corn product made of organic materials. Adam Vodka contains no gluten, no added sugars, and is certified kosher by the Orthodox Union.

By distilling and filtering our product five times each using lava rocks local to the Bend Oregon region, we ensure a distinctive taste without impurities. The porous lava rocks act as nature’s sponge, leaving behind only a smooth, crisp mouthfeel.

Our earth-friendly tradition aims to create a fermented drink that is natural and pure. We hope to emulate those early times when all our ancestors had were wheat, barley, honey, and water. We’re sure that they didn’t quite know what they were getting into at the time, but we thank them for their age-old contributions to such a timeless tradition.

We're bringing corny back.

Adam Vodka chose corn as its main ingredient because of its full-bodied taste. Also known as maize, corn was first domesticated and planted by the Mayans and other indigineous people of Southern Mexico around 9,200 years ago. Corn often has a sweeter aftertaste than alcohols made with grains, such as wheat or rye.

We use organic materials.

Our lava rock and charcoal filtration process sets us apart from other corn-made vodkas. Our use of organic materials is so that we can create a drink as close to what Mother Earth intended. We believe it’s nature’s way of saying, life is meant to be shared.

Together is better.

We hope you’ll tell your friends about us. That’s all that matters at the end of the day (or at the end of our lives); our connections with others and how people make us feel. How we make others feel. It’s our hope that our brand makes you feel like yourself, that you drink responsibly and consciously, and that you’ll share a drink with us one day. We all are Adam.

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